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About Us


How it all started with Throughdalens Photography

Throughdalens Photography provides a quality photography and video service that gathers inspiration from companies, media and private clients, by transcending that same inspiration into an image they envisioned. 

Fashion Photography

We have had the pleasure of working with some talented models and designers that have entrusted us to help them improve their brand. 

Lifestyle Photography

Whether it's your passion, your story, or your vibe; we want to ensure that we create an avenue that is meant to showcase the energy inside you.

Wedding Photography

Let us be there, to capture what will truly be the start of a beautiful journey. A journey that we get to visualize and share it for all to endure.

Event Photography

Who knows it happened, if we are not there to capture it? Our event photographers will showcase nothing more than the best footage, and best stills your event has to offer.  

Sports Photography

All sports are welcome to join the highlight wheel. We do profile shots, as well as action, and create a video to remember. 


Our creative process

We utilize a beautiful and spacious photo studio. This is ideal for photographing pack shots, paintings, products or people. Different backgrounds are available, and we also do a large number of exterior shots.

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